15 thoughts on “Low poly water shader with shadows”

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I believe there might be a problem with the shader in the unity package. I will look into that later today..

    1. Hi, Taza! I know Unity is changing the way you pass arrays to shaders in 5.4. But you say you have 5.3? I’m not sure the exact version I built it for, and I don’t have time to test it.. But I would look into the array passing.. You tested the unitypackage as it was, correct?

  1. That is somw really nice work!

    I noticed some code concerning fog in there, but the material doesn’t seem to get affected yet.
    There can’t be too much missing to get this working i guess?

    1. I haven’t looked at that version of my shader in a while.. I can’t remember what’s missing in the fog department.. I’ve got it sorted in my new shader, but that is a total rewrite so it doesn’t apply to the old one.. You’ll have to figure it out, if you’re going to use it.. Sorry!

  2. I cant use other objects to make the waves. (For example a boat) Why do only those cubes make waves in the water? How can I change that ?

    1. The waves are initiated by a script attatched to the cubes if I remember correctly.. It would probably not work very well for a boat! I only made that as a test, so it is not very versatile..

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