UniPolyWater Shader

Unipolywater shader

Many of you have asked if I could release the Universal Low Poly Water shader I’ve made for Unity. The wait is finally over!

UniPolyWater Shader with collisions

I’ve decided that it’s time to make this low poly water shader available for you all. The shader should work on any platform! It’s tested on PC/Mac and iOS.

Use the shader for any project you wish! Commercial or non-commercial. I’ve packaged the solution in a Unity Package with the shaders, tools and an example scene you can play around with!

YOU decide if you wish to download it for free OR if you wish to pay an amount for the shader. Any support is highly appreciated! Enjoy!


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5 thoughts on “Unipolywater shader”

  1. Can this be used for a Terrain?

    Essentially I want to use Unity’s terrain tool (rather than model things in Blender and export them over) and be able to paint trees with my own low poly models.

    Right now it’s a copy and paste job (which is very time consuming).

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